lies of Afrika

23 Oct

lies of Afrika

Lying kills my Africa because we hate serious mirrors here! To tell the truth, we fear for our reflection most cases, as shown so well, our grandparents or Biya of Cameroon, Sassou de Brazza, Wade of Senegal, which, it must be said, if they were reflected all the time looking at their reflection and objectively, in the right direction in the mirror long ago they would have already resigned damn it! ! about it very often, I request that magic will they, to avoid what will inevitably happen, and they themselves unwittingly provided by signing and accepting the shit, the example of total dependence they do celebrate with pomp here all the time, thereby proving how, it takes a lot of psy to many people of color. With that, dear grandparents colored with all the respect I owe you, will you leave us seriously in such a shit? No, but grandpa, it will not be accepted? We will capture you and judge you even on a hospital bed as Moubarack right now, by the Egyptian brothers! Seriously you sold in Africa and have only increase our share of firecrackers! Long live the revolts in Africa and the departure of our monsters Grandpa business are imminent


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